How To Choose A Suitable Wireless Headphones?(Part 1)

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Of all the everyday gadgets that impact quality of life, headphones are near or at the top of the list. We run with them on, we take them to bed, we wear them on trains and planes - some of us even eat, drink, and go to sleep under headphones. The point? A good pair improves your quality of life. And a not-so-good pair? Not so much. So stick with us here, and in the next 5-10 minutes we’ll cut through the confusion, help you narrow your choices, and maybe even open your eyes as well as your ears. And if you’re just looking for headphone accessories or want to skip ahead to see a list of our favorites, go for it — we’ll meet you further down.

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1. Indoor Use

If your use will be mostly indoors, it is recommended that you invest in head-mounted wireless earphones. Such headphones will give you the best music immersion and gaming experience. Keep in mind that you should opt for noise-reducing headphones if there is noise around you.

2. Sports Usage

Are you athletic and love staying fit? If you are, then you will need headphones that provide you stability and are lightweight. It is recommended that you choose neck-hanging headphones for sports use.
They will keep the headphones from falling and won't disrupt you during your sports practice. If you are a swimmer, you can also choose waterproof headphones to enjoy your experience even more.


3.Commute Usage

Finally, if you want to use headphones during your commute or activities such as shopping, you can always opt for wireless and neck-mounted styles. However, if you need to attend to many calls during the day, then you need to take the microphone performance into consideration.
Such headphones will not be a hassle to use, and you can get the maximum out of them. They will also feel lightweight and comfortable while you are out and about.

Here are the top factors you need to consider when looking for suitable wireless headphones:

1. Sound And Voice Call Quality

Both the quality of sounds and voice calls should be excellent in wireless headphones. Besides that, the sound should also have depth so you can immerse yourself in music or calls while doing other things.

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2. Charging Speed And Battery Life

Here is the minimum battery life of good quality headphones of various types:
·Over-the-ears headphones battery should last twenty hours minimum
·Neckband style headphones battery should last eight hours minimum
·True wireless headphones battery should last more than five hours on board and twenty hours in the charging case
If a headphone is not providing you this minimum battery life, you should not invest in them. That is because they will charge slow and not last very long. Excellent quality headphones exceed these minimum ranges and provide the best charging speed and battery life to users.

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