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Square Smartwatch

Square smart watch is a watch that has a square shape, has information processing capabilities, and meets the basic technical requirements of the watch. In addition to indicating the time, the square smart watch should have one or more functions of reminder, navigation, calibration, monitoring, interaction, etc.

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Features of Square Smartwatch

The square smartwatch we provide is also a smart health watch, which can meet Android and iOS systems.

  • Monitor blood oxygen, blood pressure, heart rate at any time, it is a high-quality sports health companion smart watch

  • Smart password lock protection, protect your personal privacy all the time

  • Bluetooth configuration, mobile phone function, make calls anytime, anywhere

  • Large and thin smart screen, scroll button to zoom in and out

  • The square smart watch is simple and stylish in design, can present more information, and has more advantages in reading experience and operating experience.

Applicable Objects of Square Wireless Bluetooth Smartwatch

  • Suitable for fashionable adults, business people, and beautiful ladies: high-quality materials, exquisite craftsmanship, making calls at any time, online music, work, entertainment and sports can be satisfied

  • Suitable for the elderly: it is a square smart health watch that is more intimate than a mobile phone

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