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Children Smartwatch

Children's smart watch is a specially designed and developed watch for children with information processing capability such as gps positioning, call and time display.

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Features of Children Smart Watch

  • Fast and accurate gps positioning system, using GPS + LBS + WlFI positioning method. Children's smart watch to achieve all-weather Real-time positioning tracking, with history recording function, even if the child left your line of sight can be the fastest and most accurate positioning of the child's location 

  • Extra large polymer battery for long standby time. Smart chip for better battery life. When the remaining power of the children's smart watch is less than 15%, the screen will be disabled to prevent the watch from shutting down when the power is exhausted, but in low battery mode, you can answer calls and locate and track normally.

  • Full Netcom 4G network support, so that children's smart watches in the process of more stable calls, video calls more smooth.

  • Using strict waterproof technology, the watch can function after 30 minutes in 1 meter of water.

During the production process, we will continue to improve the process of children's smart watches and make slight adjustments in the details. You can contact us for more details of specific products.

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