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Round Smartwatch

Round smartwatch is a watch with a round dial, information processing capability, and meets the basic technical requirements of a watch. In addition to indicating the time, the round smartwatch should also have one or more functions such as reminding, navigation, calibration, monitoring, interaction, etc.; display methods include hands, numbers, images, etc.

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Features of Sports Business Round Smartwatch

  • Sports round smartwatch: records heart rate, calories and other data for you when you exercise, whether it's an evening jog or a weekend workout. The watch will record your exercise steps, calories, distance and other data, so you can be more Scientific exercise. 

  • Business round smartwatch: large HD display, built-in Bluetooth call, can make and receive calls, with payment function NFC function, etc. 

  • Round design is more in line with the aesthetic habits of the public, Wireless charging and waterproof function make the round smartphone more in line with the fashion development line.

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