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Wireless Headphones

Bone conduction is a form of sound transmission in which sound is converted into mechanical vibrations of different frequencies to transmit sound waves through the human skull, bone vagus, inner ear lymphatic fluid, spiral apparatus, and auditory center. Using this bone conduction technology to manufacture headphones, called bone conduction headphones, also known as bone headphones.

Bone conduction eliminates many steps in the transmission of sound waves, enabling clear sound reproduction in noisy environments, and the sound waves do not affect others because they are diffused through the air.

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The Advantages Of Wireless Bluetooth Bone Headphones

Bone wireless bluetooth headphones are very suitable for sports use.

  • Open both ears when worn and used, not blocking the ears, solving the discomfort of wearing in-ear headphones, to avoid ear inflammation.

  • Open binaural also ensures the possibility of using the headset in dangerous scenarios. Open both ears, the use of headphones at the same time can also be aware of the changes in the surrounding environment, the use of more secure.

  • The strength of the bone headset hardcore range, 8 hours of uninterrupted power, 10 days of ultra-long standby. Designed for long training sessions, it allows for a seamless transition from your workout to work.

  • Innovative technical support to effectively reduce sound leakage. Wireless Bluetooth transmission, closed sound cavity to effectively protect the protection of privacy.

  • The wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headset has a higher waterproof rating, and there is no problem with a lot of sweating while exercising, and you can even run in the rain.

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