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Nowadays, we all want our devices to be up and running at all times especially our smartphones. To enable this, you need to have a handy supply of power supply to charge our smartphones at all times hence, portable chargers or power banks.

In this article, I will be sharing adequate information to guide you in choosing a desirable portable charger or power bank. I hope you will find this information useful when considering buying a power bank for your smartphones, tablets and other USB chargeable devices.  Let’s take a deep dive!


Things to consider when purchasing a portable charger

Getting a portable charger is not a big deal as getting an appropriate portable charger for your needs. What you need the power bank to do for you will guide you in choosing the perfect portable charger.

There are several different areas that you need to consider in choosing the right portable charger- capacity of the power bank, charging rate, connectivity and other handy features you may find useful.  Read on as we look at each of these considerations together


1. Capacity

Simply put, capacity is all about how much power the portable charger holds measured in millamperes per hour (mAh) in comparison to your power needs. Pretty straightforward right!

Yeah! The longer the time you want to use your portable charger before it needs to recharge itself will suggest the height of the capacity that you go for.

Practically speaking, if you have a smartphone with a battery capacity of 3,000mAh, depending on the number of times you want to be able to recharge your phone with a power bank before itself is recharged will determine the capacity you will go for.

For example, if you buy a 10,000mAh portable charger, then you know you will be able to recharge your smartphone up to 100% about three times before the portable charger needs to be recharged.

Typically, portable chargers are classified on the basis of capacity; a smaller size unit will be one with about 1,000-3,000mAh, a medium size unit will be one with about 3,000-5000mAh and a larger size unit will have capacity reaching 10,000- 20,000mAh.

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2. Rate of Charging

The rate of charging is another way portable chargers are classified. The faster the rate at which charging is done, the lesser the time to spend when charging with the power bank.

Charging rate has to do with how fast you want your devices to get charged with the portable charger. The rate of the charging speed of the portable charger will determine how long you will have to wait to get your smartphones fully charged.

Most portable chargers are differentiated on the basis of their charging speed rate with the more basic models having charging speed of about 1A and the more advanced ones may charge at 2A or more.

However, your device’s battery size is a determining factor to choose either a portable charger with a fast charging speed or not to avoid spending the whole time trying to fully charge your device.

If your device support fast charging, going for a portable charger that provides extremely fast charging and rapid charging will be the wisest decision to make.


3. Connectivity

Depending on the connectivity port of your devices, choosing a suitable portable charger with an appropriate cable port is extremely important. There are various portable charger ranging from those with single USB port, those with multiple USB ports and those with single or multiple USB-C ports.

It’s important to consider the successful connectivity of the power bank you want to buy with your smartphone. Also depending on the number of devices you will love to charge at the same time with the power bank, this will always determine if you will go for a single port or multiple ports USB portable chargers.


4. Other handy features

Sometimes, all you need might be a power bank and a torch, having these two needs presented in one device will come so handy to you. Hence, choosing a portable charger with a torch-light functionality might be great for you to have.

For instance, most portable chargers that have a larger energy storage do come with an in built LED torch.

For others, they are designed in such ways that they can keep you warm while pressing a button or two while using it.  This will be so great to have especially during cold weathers.

Nevertheless, you need to read through the manufacturer’s description of a portable charger in order to spot one or two unique features, which it has. Then go for it if it is what you so desire.


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