Why Are TWS Earbuds So Popular?

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TWS (True Wireless Stereo) is an audio technology based on the Bluetooth chip. TWS technology has been applied in the field of Bluetooth headsets to create TWS earphones.

For smartphone users, TWS earphones are almost a must-have accessory. A practical idea is to connect the mobile phone to the main earphone and wirelessly connect the main earphone to the auxiliary earphone to achieve true wireless separation of the left and right Bluetooth channels.

TWS earphones

Several factors have played an important role in the rise of TWS earphones.

Introducing Bluetooth 5.0

The introduction of Bluetooth 5.0, especially the new generation of Bluetooth audio technology LE Audio, laid the foundation for the next development phase of the audio industry. The most common application of Bluetooth technology is voice transmission. The industry's annual device shipments will exceed 1.5 billion units by 2024 and will continue to grow. By 2024, 97% of speakers will use Bluetooth technology, according to the Bluetooth SIG. In short, the speaker market will be saturated with Bluetooth technology. The share of truly wireless earphones is expected to reach 38% by 2024 due to the significant increase in annual shipments of wireless earphones.

Cancellation of the 3.5mm headphone jack

The cancellation of the 3.5mm jack headphone has helped the development of the Bluetooth earphone market.

The rise of AI and wearables

TWS technology is accelerating with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and wearable devices. The launch of TWS headgear is in line with the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology. According to a Qualcomm survey released in August 2018, there are three main reasons why individuals buy wireless earphones with AI voice support. It is the collection of fitness and health data and the acquisition of GPS instructions. In the future, it may only be possible to communicate with the outside world through an "audible" voice user interface. A more optimistic prediction from the industry is that the combination of TWS earphones and smart speakers will create a new entry point for smart engagement. TWS headsets are expected to enter the future smart home ecological chain of the Internet of Things world using multi-scenario applications.

High performance of TWS

TWS has won the hearts of its users with its excellent performance. TWS offers unmatched high performance. It is completely free from the restrictions of a normal headphone cable and can be worn on only one ear. Through Bluetooth, the left and right earphones form a stereo system, greatly improving the user experience of listening, speaking and wearing songs.

TWS earphones

Development prospects for the TWS earplug industry

Based on market development and industry forecasts, combine the product market user experience with understanding TWS-related issues, we make an industry outlook for TWS products.

TWS earphones become intelligent

Artificial intelligence technology allows TWS earphones to be used in perfect combination with artificial intelligence and in combination with artificial intelligence objects. On the other hand, they can slow down and focus on creating truly smart products. With TWS earphones, you can do all this, including full voice control, gesture control, and more. In addition to regular smart hands, you can actually extend the sensor technology of rings and watches to TWS earphones. Artificial intelligence in TWS products will be one of the focal points of market competitiveness in the next stage.

Hardware maker chips integrate more TWS features

For example, Qualcomm TWS Plus technology supports Qualcomm's latest QCC 5100 series Bluetooth processors. If you use a headset that supports this technology with other devices, connect only in TWS mode. There is no benefit of low audio lag and long battery life. In addition, this technology allows mobile phones to be used as broadcast hubs without continuous equipment. You can also send audio signals to multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time. In recent years, mobile phones that support Bluetooth 5.0 technology have gradually become widespread. With continued investment and product upgrades by hardware manufacturers, more technical applications will add wings to TWS earphones.

TWS product scalability

Today, the TWS industry is primarily represented by TWS earplugs. In fact, TWS is not only suitable for earphone products, but can also be extended to all audio fields (TWS speakers, TWS smart wearable products, etc.).

High bit rate transmission remains the focus of the next step

The high transmission capabilities of Bluetooth 5.0 also allow two-way conversations with TWS Bluetooth earphones. The original innovation of Bluetooth audio products was a high-bit rate audio playback. However, there is still much room for improvement in this regard, especially from the perspective of applied technology. The DSP effect is realized by many domestic manufacturers, mainly speakers. Only a handful of TWS headphones can generate DSP effects. At this time, the next technical issue to be resolved in terms of sound quality and sound effects could be the original manufacturer and supplier.


TWS technology will continue to develop. Knowing all about it will help you make an informed choice and get a pair of TWS earplugs without hesitation. For any more information, please kindly contact us immediately.


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