What Are The Differences Between Bone Conduction Headphones And Traditional Headphones?

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Although bone conduction headphones are still relatively niche products in terms of current applications, their history is very long. The earliest bone conduction earphones were first used in the medical field in 1935, helping the hearing impaired to hear the information around them.

At the beginning of the 21st century, many manufacturers began to launch bone conduction earphone products for consumer electronics. The main function is to provide users with an open listening experience, and they can easily learn the surrounding sounds while listening to music, which is loved by many sports people. It has gradually developed into a large category of sports Bluetooth headphones.

Let's take a closer look at the specific differences between bone conduction headphones and traditional headphones.

bone conduction headphones

Wearing method

The first is the difference in wearing methods. In the current earphone market, traditional earphones mainly include wired earphones, neck-mounted earphones and TWS earphones, and the other is the over-ear wearing of headphones.

Both wearing methods close the ears, so the size of the earplugs and the ear canal will not correspond to the size of the ear canal, causing pain in the ear canal after wearing it for a long time. Wearing it in summer is hot, and the air inside the ear canal is not circulated, which leads to the rapid growth of bacteria, and the high volume stimulation at close range for a long time. 

In terms of the way of wearing bone conduction headphones, the products currently in the market are mainly worn in the ear, the memory neckline is located behind the head, and the bone conduction vibrator is located in front of the ear canal.

However, with the development of the market, the product form is also changing. There are ear clip bone conduction headphones and true wireless ear clip bone conduction headphones, which are fixed on the ear cartilage to achieve bone conduction sound transmission.

Both forms are open-wearing methods during use, and there is no need to block the ear canal when wearing and using, thus avoiding the problems that may occur when wearing traditional headphones.

Music experience

Compared with traditional earphones, bone conduction Bluetooth earphones provide a new listening experience when listening to music. The open wearing method frees both ears, allowing users to easily obtain surrounding information while listening to music, and the long-term wearing experience is also more comfortable while avoiding the risk of eardrum damage.

In terms of sound quality, the traditional earbuds and earplugs provide a relatively independent space for listening to music, which can effectively reduce the interference of the external environment and achieve a clearer listening effect. And with the addition of active noise reduction, it has a more immersive music experience.

The sound quality of bone conduction headphones can also meet the needs of daily use, but the overall listening experience is slightly less than the traditional three-band performance, and the low-frequency performance is the most obvious, lacking the shock of traditional headphones. And for some music with very strong drums, there will be obvious discomfort that the vibrator vibrates the skin.

In terms of loudness, the opening of the ear canal will have an impact. Bone conduction headphones require a larger volume under the same hearing sense, which also leads to another problem - sound leakage. Although with the development of technology, sound leakage has been greatly improved, but still obvious compared to traditional headphones.

 bone conduction headphones

Scenes to be used

At present, traditional earphone product forms include wired earphones, TWS earphones, neck-mounted Bluetooth earphones, head-mounted Bluetooth earphones, and sports ear-hook earphones, covering daily commuting, sports fitness, entertainment and other aspects.

Bone conduction earphones are relatively specific, and consumer-grade products are currently mainly positioned in the sports earphone market. The wearing method of the open ear canal enables you to always know the surrounding sound during jogging, cycling, mountaineering and other sports, and has a higher sense of wearing security. The sound transmission method of bone conduction can also better cope with wind noise.

In general, bone conduction headphones have an absolute advantage in wearing experience, but at the same time they also bring about deficiencies in music experience. The open-wearing experience liberates the ear canal, but it is also accompanied by problems such as insufficient sound quality and sound leakage. And with the application of active noise reduction in traditional headphones, the disadvantage in audio experience has been further widened.

However, in its focused sports earphone market, bone conduction earphones have advantages that traditional earphones cannot reach, and can provide sports enthusiasts with a more comfortable and safe listening experience.

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