What Are The Common Functions For Children’s Smartwatches?

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The market for children’s smartwatch can be described as a new blue ocean in the entire smartwatch market. From the perspective of shipment volume, number of brands, and market growth rate, it is showing a trend of rapid growth. Today we will introduce the function of children's smartwatches.

Call function

Generally, you need to buy a sim card and put it in the watch, and the sim card also needs to enable the data function. After the user is bound to the watch through the mobile APP, set the contact list of the watch, so that the watch and the mobile phone can call each other. Generally, the watch has a built-in speaker, and the sound is very clear. When a child wears it on the wrist, it basically does not need to get close to the ear to talk normally. In addition, after setting up the contact list, unfamiliar calls will be rejected, which is also to prevent children from receiving calls from bad people.


when in danger, the child can activate the one-key SOS function of children's smartwatches, and the watch will send out a SOS signal, then the phones of all contacts immediately ring an alarm, and there is almost no buffer time in between.

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2G network watches are basically based on base station positioning, and the accuracy error is relatively large. 4G watches currently mainstream watches will use GPS positioning, and some brands use Beidou positioning. No matter which positioning system is used, the current positioning errors are not much different, and they are basically precise.

Smart electronic fence

If parents are afraid that the young child goes far, they can set a certain distance range. Once the child leaves this area, the watch will send a warning message to the mobile phone to immediately inform the parent that the child is leaving.

One-key monitoring

with this function set, parents can get relevant information about the child's surrounding environment at any time and know what he is doing now. At the same time, this function also helps adults understand the child’s character and growth environment.

Do not disturb during school hours

Parents can set the do-not-disturb time period on the APP. When the child is in class, no matter who calls in, it will be muted, so as to ensure that the child can concentrate on class.

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Health monitoring

Generally, there is an acceleration sensor on the watch, which can record the number of steps a child takes every day.

The above are some common functions of children's smartwatches. With the development of technology, children’s smartwatches will have more and more functions, but children's self-control ability is limited, and parents need to supervise them how to use children's smartwatches reasonably.

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