Things To Put Into Considerations When Purchasing Smart Watches For Seniors

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Smart watches for seniors can be a highly esteemed value if you make the right choice when purchasing them. Which functions do you need and what can you do with it?

Smart watches can help the elderly manage heart disease and detect early Alzheimer’s disease.

However, many smart watches for seniors offer little esteemed values for people over 50. It is essential to pay adequate attentions to what the potential fitness tracker will offer before buying.


Some of the things to put into consideration when purchasing smart watches for seniors include:

1. Sensors

The following sensors are very crucial when buying a suitable smart watch for seniors:

· Accelerometer & gyroscope:

This feature is important for the elderly who have problems finding their way around. They are used to detect and measure vibrations and your activities quite accurately.

An additional barometer can increase the precision and also perceives heights.

· Heart rate monitor (heart rate monitor, pulse oximeter, blood oxygen sensor):

They are LEDs that reflect light through the skin so as to detect changes in the color of the blood using a photodiode.

They are used to measure the pulse, to determine the oxygen saturation in the blood and to detect the stress level.

Other calculated functions of these sensors include; a drink reminder function, the automatic recognition of current activities, the distances covered during walks or sports, or calorie consumption.

2. Big display

A good smart watch for senior should have minimum size of 1.2 inches which is 30mm in diameter to easily recognize anything display on the screen.

3. Comfort:

Smart watch for seniors should be comfortable to wear, so if the one you’re trying seems big and awkward, keep on shopping. The smart watch should not necessarily large to get accurate heart rate readings.

A floppy or too tight strap can throw off the watch’s sensors. Fortunately, most new smart watches use standard buckles.

 smart watch for seniors

4. Robust construction

When buying a smart watch for seniors, opt for the one that is water and dust resistant. Many fitness trackers and smart watches that are suitable for seniors already have a corresponding IP certification.

5. Charging 

Some smart watches come with convenient wireless chargers while some require a cable that plugs into the watch itself.

Others come with snap-on docks for charging. Always go for one that’s convenient for the elder.

6. Long battery life

The GPS on the smart watch eats up the battery. Pay attention to rated battery life when shopping.

If you are using an Apple watch, you have to charge it every day. The same applies to the Galaxy Watch from Samsung.

However, you may opt for fitness bracelets or specialized smart watches. Depending on the use, the functions, and of course the battery itself, the small, light trackers, may last between 5 and 30 days.

7. Compatibility

 Make sure the smart watch is compatible with the senior’s existing smart phone. This means you should be able to use some of the same apps you use on your phone. Some smart watches products give you more functionality if you are using one of the company’s phones.

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In choosing the right smart watches for seniors you will need to decide what combination of forms and functions is suitable to your budget.

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