Major Advantages of Bluetooth Bone Headphones

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Wireless Bluetooth bone headphones are the new evolution of Bluetooth devices that pass sound waves through the cheekbones, jaw or head bones to the cochlea in the inner ear.  

Unlike previous Bluetooth devices such as headphones and ear pods, Vanzone bone headphones is a new technology that favors those dealing with auditory issues such as hearing loss or tinnitus.

The uniqueness of bone headphones lies in how they work. They transmit sounds to the brain without passing through the outer ear. The use of this technology keeps your ears open so you can take note of the environmental sounds while enjoying the comfort of listening to music or podcasts.

Bluetooth Bone Headphones

Major Advantages of the Bluetooth Bone Headphones over other Bluetooth Devices

The Bluetooth bone headphones are going viral because they seem to have some advantage over previous Bluetooth enabled devices, let’s look at those advantages.

1) It’s good for people with auditory problems

This technology prevents lack of movement in the outer ear and in the doing so, reduces the workload on the eardrum. Rather than passing sounds through the eardrum like all other Bluetooth devices, this device is different.

It helps sound vibration travel through the bone structures surrounding the ears helping those who have auditory problems and issues processing sounds previously.

2) Prevention of ear infections

Previous Bluetooth devices have been known to carry around bacteria and other germs, when these devices come in contact with the ear, the germs begin to spread causing infections.

The Bluetooth bone headphones don’t come in contact with the ears so they are better suited to prevent ear infections.

3) Best option for those who workout outdoors

The Bluetooth doesn’t block the ears, so those who exercise outdoors can still be conscious of their environment and watch out for sound like car horns. This prevents accidents and keeps them safe, making it their best option.

4) Prevention of excessive ear wax

Other Bluetooth devices are inserted into the ear and help push earwax back, causing buildup inside the ear. The Vanzone Bluetooth bone headphones on the other hand aren’t inserted into the ears and don’t push ear wax or cause its buildup.

5) They involve a wireless feature:

You have no need of wires with these headphones and this gives you the freedom to use your phones audio features while doing other things; your hands can be free from having to hold your phone. This frees you from struggling to connect your mobile device to your Bluetooth headphone.

6) Firm and Easy to wear

These Bluetooth headphones have strong back head grips that allow you to use them without worry of them falling off. This will help prevent damage and keep you comfortable throughout its use whether indoors or outdoors.

Bluetooth Bone Headphones

Are you interested in getting high quality Bluetooth Bone Headphones?

With all these advantages, a Bluetooth bone headphone is definitely a plus to anyone who considers buying a new Bluetooth device. There are a wide range of companies which produce Bluetooth bone headphones but it’s better to always go for those who make the best of qualities.

You don’t have to be troubled about this because here at Vanzone, we manufacture and supply bone headphones as well as other devices of high quality at very affordable prices.

With one click, you can go on to join our many clients who have purchased this device from us and also be a proud owner of a Bluetooth bone headphone.


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