Amazing Features of TWS Earbuds

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Wireless devices such as the Vanzone earbuds are now on the rise due to the development of Bluetooth technology in our world.

More people move from the use of the conventional earpiece technology to the use of the ‘true wireless stereo’ (TWS) in their everyday lives.

TWS earbuds are an evolution of Bluetooth wireless devices into small cordless sizes which allow for easy carriage and use by owners.

By the end of this article you’ll realize why they’ve become so well loved by many people around the world today but first let’s discuss how they’re used.

TWS Earbuds

How to Use TWS Earbuds

This new technology is very easy to use as it requires no form of wired connection; rather all that is needed is a Bluetooth enabled device. The earbuds have an inbuilt feature that allows them to pair with the nearest Bluetooth enabled device, which in this case can be your mobile device.

Simply enable the Bluetooth feature on your device and switch on your Vanzone Bluetooth earbuds. If you’re pairing for the first time, you might have to search for the Bluetooth device on your phone and pair.

In seconds everything is set up and you can fully enjoy the amazing features of your Bluetooth earbuds.

Five Amazing Features of the Vanzone TWS Earbuds

Speaking of features, let’s dive into five amazing features of this technology that makes so many people choose it.

1) The Wireless Feature

The wireless feature of these earbuds gives a certain freedom that cannot be gotten with the use of a conventional earpiece.

Your hands become free as you can put down your phone and still receive calls, listen to music or watch movies in full comfort.

All you need is a taste of this wireless lifestyle and you won’t return to using the conventional earpiece.

2) The Social Feature

The social feature allows you to share an earbud with a friend without the problems of distance.

This means that your phone can be at one side of the room, you at another side and a friend at a third side while you’re all connected. This feature helps in information sharing and promotes connectivity and networking.

3) The Privacy Feature

The privacy feature allows you to enjoy the audio features of your phone anywhere in the world. It gives you private access to your audio contents even in the midst of a crowd. This feature removes the fear of others eavesdropping on what you consider personal.

4) The Easy Carriage Feature

TWS earbuds allow for easy carriage either in your bag, purses or even pockets especially because their practically weightless.

Earbuds can even stay on your earbuds with easy grip and weight features that make sure they don’t fall off or get blown away even during workout sessions.

This way you don’t have to worry about carrying your earbuds about because you can have them with you whenever you like and with ease.

TWS earbuds

5) The Safety Feature

This feature makes sure that your earbuds stay safe and last longer by provision of a special pouch that allows for them to be kept safely.

This pouch also allows for easy and fast recharging of your earbuds when they become low. Unlike wired earbuds pieces, your earbuds as safe from exposure to sunlight and dust.

Looking for where to get your very own high quality TWS earbuds?

It’s very important to get earbuds that are of high quality which can serve you well.

Fortunately, Vanzone earbuds are very affordable and still have all these amazing features incorporated into them.

In one click you can have your very own pair of TWS earbuds and live a wire free life while enjoying the comforts of the audio features on your mobile device.


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